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Franziska Krusche

With a background in Psychology, Franziska’s approach to Yoga is one that attempts to bridge the gap between Western Science and the ancient traditions of Yoga and it’s Philosophy. Yoga has provided a sacred space for healing when she embarked on her journey to recover from a severe eating disorder that lasted for more than a decade … 

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Food is ruling your entire life and you are absolutely done with stuffing yourself until you feel sick? Then it’s time to take a closer look: Find out why you are eating without being actually hungry and how a holistic Yoga practice can help you to get a grip on unwanted cravings … 

4 Live-Modules via ZOOM 

Presentation upfront & (optional) interactive participation

15-min Morning Practice & Yogasequence Download

Absolute Highlight: Live-Mantras from India 

Yoga & Emotionaler Hunger Online


overcome your struggle with food

21 Day Kickstart Challenge 

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WORKSHOPS 2022 | Yoga & Emotionaler Hunger


Munich | 23.04 & 24.04.22

Cologne | 15.10 & 16.10.22

Karlsruhe | 22.10 & 23.10.22

Munich | 29.10 & 30.10.22



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  • ''Franziska is a very pleasant, friendly teacher who knows the ins and outs when it comes to yoga and breathing techniques. As a student you have full control over the things you want to learn during a lesson. This gives you effective results in a short period of time!"
    "I met Franziska in Bangalore and had a great lesson about Yoga combinded with Western theories of Psychology. Through this combination I got a wonderful experience, which gave me more control about my feelings and energy."
    "The Workshop 'Yoga & Emotionaler Hunger' has been a beautifully inspiring experience. I am grateful for the ideas and techniques that I can apply in my everyday life. By attending Franziskas' Workshops you know that she is on her path, uplifting the life's of her students."

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