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Franziska Krusche

With a background in Psychology, Franziska’s approach to Yoga is one that attempts to bridge the gap between Western Science and the ancient traditions of Yoga and it’s Philosophy. Yoga has provided a sacred space for healing when she embarked on her journey to recover from a severe eating disorder that lasted for more than a decade … 


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WORKSHOPS 2021 | Yoga & Emotionaler Hunger

Munich| 23.01 & 24.01.21

Frankfurt| 30.01 & 31.01.21

Hamburg| 06.02 & 07.02.21

Stuttgart| 27.03 & 28.03.21

Vienna| 01.05 & 02.05.21

Nürnberg| 08.05 & 09.05.21

Berlin| 15.05 & 16.05.21

Düsseldorf| 12.06 & 13.06.21

Basel| 19.06 & 20.06.21

Mannheim| 26.06 & 27.06.21


















Du hast keine Lust mehr, dein Leben von deinem Essverhalten bestimmen zu lassen, denn das Thema Essen verursacht bei dir mehr Leid als Freude? Dann ist es an der Zeit genauer hinzuschauen: Finde heraus, warum du isst, obwohl du keinen Hunger hast und wie Yoga dir dabei helfen kann, unliebsame Essgelüste in den Griff zu bekommen … 


Yoga & Emotionaler Hunger Online

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  • ''Franziska is a very pleasant, friendly teacher who knows the ins and outs when it comes to yoga and breathing techniques. As a student you have full control over the things you want to learn during a lesson. This gives you effective results in a short period of time!"
  • "I met Franziska in Bangalore and had a great lesson about Yoga combinded with Western theories of Psychology. Through this combination I got a wonderful experience, which gave me more control about my feelings and energy."
  • "The Workshop 'Yoga & Emotionaler Hunger' has been a beautifully inspiring experience. I am grateful for the ideas and techniques that I can apply in my everyday life. By attending Franziskas' Workshops you know that she is on her path, uplifting the life's of her students."

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