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Emotional Eating – Why do we eat without being physically hungry? Out of the blue, we are craving sweet, salty or fatty foods. Opposed to physical hunger, emotional hunger wants to be satisfied immediately. The most common reasons for emotional hunger are boredom, frustration, loneliness or stress. Often we don’t have any control over our behavior which leaves us feeling helpless.
Does all this sound familiar to you and are you seeking for a way to get out of the downward spiral? Or maybe you are simply curious to find out what the term “emotional eating” actually means? No matter what reason brought you to this page – you are exactly where you are meant to be. Get inspired and find answers to many of your questions. Learn how to approach food in a comfortable manner and find peace within your own body.
Franziska’s workshop focusses on inner work to heal emotional imbalances – the root cause of emotional food cravings. You will get to know many ideas and tips, how to live life more peacefully. Franziska will explain the principles of yin and yang yoga and deepen the definition of spiritual hunger. You will learn how to see your yoga mat as a mirror of how you approach life, moreover how you approach food on a daily basis. You will get in touch with the idea, to understand your cravings as the language of your soul. Furthermore, you will learn techniques how to listen to your inner voice and how to turn food addiction into the fulfillment of your actual needs.
At a glance: Yoga – Emotional Eating – Yoga & Emotional Eating – Spiritual Hunger – Yin & Yang Yoga – Dynamic Practice (Yang)

Yoga & Emotional Eating ll

Once you have identified yourself as an emotional eater the real work starts. It may sound easy to feel instead of eating when your cravings pop up but let me tell you one thing from years of experience in this field: It isn’t. Emotions are a huge secret to most of us. When we look at the triggering situations we realize that mainly unpleasant emotions are causing the desire to eat. Stress, painful experiences or uncomfortable sensations want to be balanced by the stimulation of our taste buds.
Did you know that we are storing unexpressed emotions in our bodies? Sometimes for years. 
In the second part of Yoga & Emotional Eating, we will take a closer look at the world of our emotions and how to release the old ones from our bodies especially through the practice of Yin Yoga. You will get the opportunity to experience your body from a completely new perspective in order to heal your relationship with food.
Are you confused which diet is the right one?
We are living in a world that is full of promising diets. But none of them really seems to solve the problem. On her own journey of recovering from an eating disorder, Franziska discovered the principles of Intuitive Eating. Guided by the wisdom of your body, this form of nourishing yourself is a totally freeing concept without any restrictions. But what does it mean to eat intuitively? Come and find it out!! 
At a glance: Emotions – Regulation of Emotions – Intuition – Intuitive Eating – Breathing Techniques (Pranayama) – Slow Practice (Yin Yoga) 

 Yoga & Emotional Eating Balance

Hypersensitivity – do you know what it feels like “not-to-fit-in”? As if you were different from the people surrounding you? You feel strange because you are experiencing each and everything in a more intense way than others – the good and bad in life? But you lack the words to describe what is going on. Do you sometimes want to be alone, far away from the noise of this world – simply to recharge your batteries? Maybe you experience regular headaches or other physical discomforts while socializing with others? Even isolated when you meet so-called friends? 

You recognize yourself in these questions and wonder: What the hell is wrong with me? 

First of all: there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you. Come and find out in Yoga & Emotional Eating Balance what’s hiding behind the term of “Hypersensitivity” and get ready for some beautiful exchange with like-minded people. 
Franziska has an intuitive approach to her work and designs the content of her workshops accordingly to the feedback of her students. She pays serious attention to the needs of her clients and tries to focus on adding content to Yoga & Emotional Eating in a helpful way. It’s been a desire of many to extend the workshop into a weekend course with loads of new topics as followed:
Yoga & Emotional Eating Balance aims to provide a trusted space for interaction as well as collaboration amongst the attendees. In this workshop, the individual meaning of the topics in your life will be worked out and especially focussed on. You will be surrounded by other people who experience similar emotional eating habits and it will give you a great sense of relief, because: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 
On her own journey towards a regular practice, Franziska experienced a major lack of meditation in nowadays yoga teachings. One of the reasons why she addresses this topic in detail. Come and join hundreds of people who have already experienced the healing practices that Franziska has been creating over the past few years. 

At a glance: Interaction & Deepening of the Topics – Individual Meaning of the Previous Topics in your own Life – Hypersensitivity – Meditation – Extensive Practice (Yin & Yang) 

Get inspired by Franziska’s workshop and embark on a unique journey towards yourself. 

  The workshops Yoga & Emotional Eating are suitable for all levels of previous Yoga experience. 


Yoga & Emotional Eating 2021  

 Note regarding Corona: The spaces will be very limited this year to make sure distance rules can be followed any time. 


Hamburg, Saturday 28.08.21 Yoga Connection (YEH l&ll) 10.00 – 18.00 incl. break

Hamburg, Sunday 29.08.21 Yoga Connection (YEH Balance) 10.00 – 18.00 incl. break

Sat + Sun 229 € early-bird until 30.06.21, regular 249 €


Cologne, Saturday 04.09.21 Ashtanga Connection (YEH l&ll) 9.00 – 17.00 incl. break

Cologne, Sunday 05.09.21 Ashtanga Connection (YEH Balance) 9.00 – 17.00 incl. break

Sat + Sun 229 € early-bird until 15.07.21, regular 249€
Munich, Saturday 11.09.21 77 Yogaroom (YEH l&ll) 10.00 – 18.00 incl. break

Munich, Sunday 12.09.21 77 Yogaroom (YEH Balance) 10.00 – 18.00 incl. break

Sat + Sun 229 € early-bird until 15.07.21, regular 249,00 €


Yoga & Emotionaler Hunger

You want to join Yoga & Emotionaler Hunger while enjoying the comfort of your home? All you need is a device with internet access and a cosy place to roll out your mat.

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Workshop Yoga & Emotional Eating
  • “Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!! I have attended the Workshop in Munich (06.11) and it was absolutely amazing. From the heart: Thank you Franziska for your effort to create these transforming Workshops."
    "Thank you so much for this unique experience. How come I haven’t heard about intuitive eating before? It’s been inspirational and I can still feel the high vibes of the group."

The content of this workshop is based on personal experience. The information provided are researched and taught with the best of intentions and will. However this workshop does not substitute any professional treatment or therapy. It is the attendee’s responsibility to seek out for professional help from a Doctor or Psychologist if needed. 

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