21 Day Kickstart Challenge

  It’s time to move. To change. To nourish. To love. It’s time to transform yourself.

You have probably tried several diets, excessive sports programs or a rigid yoga practice to find peace within your own skin. But so far none of them has brought you closer to inner peace otherwise you wouldn’t be here now. 

Let me assure you something: There is nothing wrong with you. Absolutely nothing. 

The 21-day Kickstart Challenge is a uniquely designed course that will help you to achieve goals you have set long back – or maybe even forgotten about. Together we will identify patterns and habits around food and the way you move your body. Let it be over- or undereating; overexercising or no exercising, we will bring it all to the surface. You will get to know the real meaning behind your behavior and how to turn it into healthier and happier choices.

Through an individual yoga practice plan, you will slowly learn how to tune into the wisdom of your body and how to apply it off the mat in order to become an intuitive eater. Together we will identify your individual blockages and core beliefs that are holding you back from living the life that you desire. Moreover: the life that you truly deserve. 

7 Topics

3-8 Coaching sessions

21-day email support

Follow-up care

7 Topics

Over a period of 3 weeks you will cover 7 topics which will help you to change unhealthy habits related to food and the way you move. In addition we will kickstart your regular yoga practice to ensure long-lasting results and an overall change in all areas of your life. Within each of the 7 topics, you will receive a homework that you will apply in your every day life.

3-8 Coaching Sessions 

Throughout the course we will meet 3-8 times via Skype (depending on your package). Each 50 minute session will provide a safe environment to evaluate your process and to decide upon the next steps. We will talk about the individual topics and how to improve your progress. Furthermore these session provide a sacred space to open up yourself and to speak your heart out.

 21-day Email Support 

Don’t expect this journey to be an easy one. Walking towards recovery has it’s ups and downs – for all of us. Therefore you will be given a 21-day email support to clarify any doubts, worries or questions whenever they arise. 

Follow-up care 

The course is over and you hit a major bump along the road? Don’t worry, I don’t leave you hanging. Send me an email and we will work out how to get you back on track as soon as possible.

 What makes this course so unique? 

The 21-day Kickstart Challenge combines the advantages of on- and offline Coaching. You enjoy the individual care and support from an experience Coach without having to leave your homeplace or workspace. You can easily choose your appointments to your convenience, whenever it fits into your schedule. Let’s be realistic: We all know how challenging it is to stay committed for a longer period of time, especially when your everyday life keeps you busy. The initial enthusiasm usually fades away when you have to rush through high traffic or a rainy cold winter day in order to meet your Coach. Enjoy the comfort of an easily accessible course – wherever you are. Whenever you want. Around the world.


The last day of your life you will meet the person you could have become. Let it be a happy one.


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Your biggest enemy can turn into your greatest teacher. Trust me, I have been there. And you don’t have to do it all alone. Choose one of the payment methods below, fill out the contact form and get started. What are you waiting for? 




Kickstart Small

119 €/Session

  • 3 Coaching Sessions (50 min)
  • 21 day Email Support
  • follow-up care
  • installment available
  • total: 357 €

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Kickstart Large

79 €/Session

  • 8 Coaching Sessions (50 min)
  • 21 day Email Support
  • follow-up care
  • installment available
  • Total: 632 €

Kickstart Medium

99 €/Session

  • 5 Coaching Sessions (50 min)
  • 21 day Email Support
  • follow-up care
  • installment available
  • Total: 495 €

FREE Consultation (via Skype, What’s App, Phone): 

I truly believe that your story is too unique, to just address it in an E-mail. Therefore I’d like to invite you to meet me online simply to get to know each other. This first meeting is an opportunity to look at your individual needs and to decide how we can work on them. I want you to feel comfortable because I am convinced that only if we vibe together, we will see results. Here is what I offer: Send me a message with your request and  I will get back to you with suggestions for an appointment. There will be absolutely no obligation or cost, I just want to meet you as a person. Afterwards, you can decide according to how you feel about working with me. I look forward to hearing from you!