With a background in Psychology, Franziska’s approach to Yoga is one that attempts to bridge the gap between Western Science and the ancient traditions of Yoga and it’s Philosophy.

Yoga has provided a sacred space for healing when she embarked on her journey to recover from a severe eating disorder that lasted for more than a decade. Initially, Franziska’s interest wasn’t too much in the poses but she enjoyed the silence in-between the physical practice that created a sense of inner peace. No words can describe the magic that happened during the first encounter with the ancient techniques. A body that has been a target of mental and physical abuse for years suddenly felt whole and acceptable.

The mere practice seemed to press a reset button – problems, worries and anxieties were suddenly kept on hold and the moment – as it was – could shine through. Hooked by the emotional relief Franziska decided to explore the idea of holistic living which is represented by the concept of Yoga.

In the young days of her practice, Franziska was far away from adopting the idea of a soul. Stuck in a physical world, she wouldn’t even acknowledge her mind as such and deny it as a powerful tool. Caught in a victim mentality she gave reality to each and every thought that popped up throughout the day – a fatal way of living as she could see much later. The more she walked the path towards a wholesome life it appeared to be obvious that her eating disorder was nothing but a manifestation of her former mindset. Core beliefs and childhood wounds were constantly brought into the present and expressed themselves in overeating and purging for years.


One breath at a time – Yoga has transformed Franziska’s whole life from the core of her being.

As the founder of theheartofbalance, her teachings are focussed on emotional healing and the treatment of emotional eating disorders through the practice of Yoga. Leading workshops throughout Asia and Europe she travels regularly in order to provide a safe and healing space for her students.

Due to her academic degree in Psychology, Franziska is able to offer a great variety of techniques to tailor individual Private Sessions according to her students’ needs. Ranging from a relaxing practice including breathing techniques (pranayama) to more physical Classes which contain elements of  Vinyasa – a flowing and slightly challenging practice. For more information click here.

As a passionate teacher, Franziska loves to share her experiences to shed light on a topic which still appears to be shameful in nowadays world. Guiding her clients to self-empowerment and hope is the goal of her work, cultivating the art of deep presence – on and off the mat.


“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.”

Mahatma Gandhi