Course: Intuitive Eating

When was the last time you enjoyed a guilt-free meal without having the urge to binge on more food afterward? Let me guess: You can’t remember? Your relationship with food is a mess that is constantly accompanied by feelings of frustration and anger? If that’s the case, it’s clearly time to take a deeper look at whats really going on here. Because eating doesn’t have to be a painful experience at all. On the contrary: 

Bite by bite, every meal is supposed to contribute to your well-being

But it’s a fact that most people find it hard to eat healthily and peacefully due to damaging conditionings of the diet industries. Slimming programmes such as Low Carb and many others lead to a mistrust in our bodies very own signals. Instead of listening to hunger cues we cling to external programs that promise us to know whats best for our bodies. 

But did you know, that diets are actually not supposed to help you slim down? 

The truth is: Diets are not at all about you. There is an entire industry that runs successfully on your struggle. The goal is sadly not to solve your problem. The actual purpose of all this is to make you dependent and go from diet to diet in order to spend money. But how long do you want to waste energy on something that is not even meant to work out? I suggest it’s time to bring this to an end. 

Through my own recovery from an eating disorder that lasted over a decade, I discovered Intuitive Eating. Intuitive Eating is the most natural way of nourishing your body: 

You eat when you are physically hungry, exactly what you want, as much as you want until you are satisfied. 

And the best is: Your body weight will settle at a point where you feel most comfortable. Too good to be true, right? After years of struggle, Intuitive Eating has proven to be the only way to heal my food-related issues. 

This course is for you, if you want to … 

♥ … conquer your fear of gaining weight

♥ … make peace with food 

♥ … learn how to listen to your body’s own wisdom to choose your meals intuitively

♥ … get to know your individual spectrum of hunger and satiety 

♥ … get rid of tiring body-weight fluctuations and rather arrive at a happy weight that makes you feel good through-out 

What you can expect

Revolutionize your eating habits


Innovative InEa-Coaching-Programm



Find out why you eat the way you eat. Which core beliefs are keeping this vicious cycle alive? Learn how to listen to your body’s own wisdom and how to really nourish yourself. Eat in line with Our hunger cues to arrive at a place of long-lasting contentment within your body. 

Experience a completely new concept of Coaching called InEa (Intuitive Eating) – Coaching. Experience professional support when you need it the most. Doubts and emotional downs are best handled when addressed immediately. Therefore InEa Coaching consists of 3 different types of support:

Large Coachings: duration 50 min, scheduled at least 1 week in advance

Mini Coachings: so-called Emergency-Coachings, duration 25 min, flexible scheduling approx. 12-48h in advance 

Online-Support: In case one of the aforementioned options is still too far away, you are offered immediate support via E-Mail, Whats-App, etc. 

This unique combination of individual support enables you to communicate arising issues in realtime to seek helpful advice as soon as possible.

In order to prepare for your transition from a troublesome eating pattern to a life free of any food-related struggle, you will be equipped with an E-Book that holds all relevant information.


Intuitive Small


  • 2 Coaching Sessions (50 min)
  • 2 Mini-Coaching Sessions (25 min)
  • Email Support
  • Ebook
  • installment available
  • Total: 327 €

Intuitive Medium


  • 3 Coaching Sessions (50 min)
  • 3 Mini-Coaching Sessions (25 min)
  • Email Support
  • Ebook
  • installment available
  • Total: 447 €

best choice

Intuitive Large


  • 4 Coaching Sessions (50 min)
  • 4 Mini-Coaching Sessions (25 min)
  • Email Support
  • Ebook
  • installment available
  • Total: 547 €

FREE Consultation (via Skype, What’s App, Phone): 

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